Tips To Crack Your Olympiad Exams !

Tips To Crack Your Olympiad Exams !

Tips To Crack Your Olympiad Exams !

 How To Study For Olympiad Exams?

Apart from board exams like SSC, CBSE, ICSE etc. students can also appear for other certificate exams and competitive exams which are organized by our regional and national authorities. The Science and Maths Olympiads are few among such prestigious tests where students can take up on the big scale. Students can take up the Olympiad test as hosted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The exams will be directed to develop the student skills and help them to get recognition at international olympiads. The 2 major exams which are conducted by the SOF:

  • The National Science Olympiad
  • International Maths Olympiad

There are various factors by which the student skills set can be tested:

  • The Science and Mental Ability is tested in case of – Logical Reasoning and NSO
  • Everyday Mathematics and Mathematical Reasoning in case of – IMO.

Usually, the students can handle their academics at their pace. With the demand in schedules of tuitions, homework and classes students need loads of expert tips. Isn’t it?

If you feel like scoring high in preliminary & later levels of Maths and Science Olympiads,


you should have a look at these simple olympiad preparation tips.


Would you like to take the olympiad exams 2015 ?


Please have a look at these important 4 points when preparing for the olympiad test: Online Sources (Practice Tests – Online Test Series )

You should initially look for the smartest ways to prepare for the olympiad tests i.e. by referring through different prescribed books. Usually, Math Olympiad and Science Olympiad study material is competent in providing the students the best guidance.


Go- Ahead With – Olympiad Previous Year Papers:

For students, who appear/ planning to take the olympiad exams have various sources online (useful sample papers). These sample papers will help you in testing your Olympiad skills. Hence, this gives you an idea regarding different questions that appear in the exam. Students can make use of resources like – Navneet Publishers and Chate sample papers for both Maths and Science preparation (maths olympiad exams and science olympiad exams).

Reference Books / Guide Books:

There are several books which are specially outlined to help students hone their skills that are required to crack the Olympiad tests. These reference/ guide books include:

  1. Suggestions
  2. Tips
  3. Study Material
  4. Test papers

All these resources will help the students to gain benefited in each topic and in each subject.

Studying well and Scoring well in these exams will help you to get trained for another substantial certificate (exams) & entrance exams like – NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) etc…

To enable you to outdo in the Maths and Science Olympiads, EdVIE is overjoyed to provide you guidance on Mathematics and Science Olympiad Tests (with the help of online test series).

These online test series are specially outlined to help you prepare for the Maths and Science Olympiad tests and you can cover over 115 + questions in the form of practice tests (for both Math & Science) Hope these Online Test series act as the gateway to your success

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