Tips to Crack IIT JEE 2017

Tips to Crack IIT JEE 2017

                                                           7 Tips to crack IIT JEE 2017


These 7 basic self-verified dimensions of preparations would definitely help you plan your preparation for the big exam.


  1. Mental stability & right attitude:

First of all, you need to be calm, composed & well prepared for any type of difficulty, ups and downs which you will face within the next two years of your study. You need to understand that failure is a part of learning and develop an attitude of learning from your mistakes. That’s how you will grow and improve.


  1. Good choice of mentoring / correspondence:

You should focus on understanding the concepts and practicing problems. Let the flow of the study material be decided by someone who really has professional experience in mentoring students preparing for IIT-JEE i.e. to do a more planned and structured self-study, you should consider time tables and study materials from renowned institutes coming from both online as well as offline sources.


  1. Peer group:

You will never be able to make it up to the top AIRs (All India Ranks) if you spend your time with people/students having low motivation to clear JEE. However harsh it may sound, but it is very important to be with the right company to avoid unnecessary distractions throughout your study time. Also, a healthy peer group keeps you energetic, charged, optimistic and updated with latest happenings & newer ways of solving problems.


  1. Setting right goals:

A correct timetable is very crucial. Your activities should be planned. The time distribution for studying all of Physics, Chemistry and Maths in one day should be clear to you from the moment you wake up. Always aim to set constructive goals. Challenge yourself and do your best to complete it. For example you decide to solve 40 problems of an exam on one day. You may plan that you will do 40 questions of Organic Chemistry on one day and 40 questions of Mathematics on the second day.

Is this the right distribution? No!!

You will regret later that you wasted the time you saved after doing 40 questions on one day just because you got overly satisfied from having solved 40 questions on one day. But doing 40 questions of Mathematics is far more time consuming than chemistry. So, it’s very crucial that you distribute your ask accordingly and try to have equal hours of study every day.


  1. Emotional Stability:

You are about to engage yourself into 2 years of intensive preparation, many times you will see yourself performing well and many times you may face failures. Most of the times your peer pressure will lower your confidence to some extent. Let us face it, sometimes, even our parents may also not be very supportive because of many reasons which we may or may not understand, all we require is to be focussed and be optimistic and strive to improve to best of our abilities. Emotional breakdown is bound to happen if you do not have someone to share your problems. This point is very much related to the peer group selection listed in point 2.


  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

We all hope that this should not happen, but imagine you falling sick on the day of the exam. Now what? It is very important that you stay fit and healthy. Give up unhygienic food. Eat food which keeps your energy level high. Try meditation to improve your concentration. Engage yourself with good physical activity on a daily basis (But hey, the activity should not consume more than 1 hour a day, otherwise you are exhausting yourself and wasting your energy!)


  1. Prepare Revision Schedule:

Imagine you learning and practicing around 20,000 problems in a year. Do you think you will be able to remember everything? No, right?! Then what is the solution? A daily revision schedule. Prepare your timetable in such a way that there is always a time slot everyday where you can just sit and revise whatever you have studied till now. Focus more on what you have studied recently and just give a small brush up on what has been done earlier.


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