Soon, Free Online Lessons from IIT Professors

Soon, Free Online Lessons from IIT Professors

Soon, free online lessons from IIT professors


New Delhi: Now, poor students aspiring to join the IITs will get free online lessons from the prestigious institutes’ professors.

The IITs have agreed to a government proposal for professor-assisted learning, which will be called IITPAL.

“We want to break the stranglehold of coaching centres,” a senior government official said.


Former IIT Bombay director Ashok Misra has been put in charge of creating the IITPAL portal.


The interactive portal will have uploaded lectures by IIT professors on physics, chemistry and mathematics. Questions and answers from the IITs’ Joint Entrance Examination of the past 50 years will also be uploaded.


“Most of them (the coaching centres) have the database of questions which we will (also) provide free along with solutions,” the senior official said.
Students can send their queries online to individual professors. Students will also be given assignments. The IITs are also agreeable to the idea of having a mobile app for the portal so that students can read lectures and work on assignments while they are on the move


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