Keep your Child Stress -Free after Exams
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Keep your Child Stress -Free after Exams

Keep your child stress-free after exams

The exams have already taken a toll on your child’s mind, so don’t stress him or her more by asking them about it.

It is but normal for you to want to know how your child has fared in his or her exam. But the examinations have already taken a toll on your child’s mind and further introspection can make him or her panicked. We tell you how you can help your child come out of this phase.


1 Stop talking about the examination:


First and foremost, to ensure that your child’s mind is absolutely free from exam-related stress, don’t talk about it further. You have asked your kid once how the exam was, now let the mind be free and focus on doing fun things together so that your child can prepare better for the future.

2 Go on a vacation: 


One of the great ways to ensure that your child stops thinking about the examination is by going out on a holiday together. The holiday will ensure that your child stops thinking about the exam and can take a break from thinking about studies and further exams and can have some fun.

3 Call in cousins or friends for a stay over:


Your child needs to relax after the exams are over. If you haven’t booked for a holiday yet, don’t worry. Call in your relatives or his/her friends over on a short stay. This could be a night over or simply a week’s stay.

4 Watch movies together:


 Your child has probably not spent the last few months in front of the TV. Though you would not like him or her to get addicted to it, yet you can always arrange for a movie marathon in your house over the weekends or simply take your child out for a new film that he or she is interested to watch.

5 Do activities together:

Enjoy the time your child is spending at home by doing some activities together. Instead of just getting your child enrolled into a hobby class, the two of you can enrol together and enjoy yourself doing some craft together. From dance classes to craft, cooking sessions, there are plenty to choose from.

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