Education on Wheels

Education on Wheels

Education on Wheels


Have you ever thought of children of construction workers? They help us in building our dreams, what about their dreams? Support us to bring a change in their lives.

Serving the unserved, reaching the unreached

Have you ever tought how the house or society flat that you live in and proudly possess was constructed? It was not built in a day. It took years to evolve into its present shape. You may like to thank the builder for such a marvelous piece of work, without even thinking about the stark reality.

It was the labour who toiled in the sun, during the rain and shivering cold. More than the labour, their children suffered when their parents went out for work just to afford two square meals a day. These people might have left their native land in search of jobs but does that mean one should be deprived of the rights that every child must have? Right to enjoy their childhood, right to have a safe, clean and healthy environment and what about right to education. Perhaps, there is only a few to think on these lines.

When we visited a construction site recently, we were moved by plight of these children. With strong determination we approached ATS greens and Eminence Constructions on Dwarka Expressway for education of these children in their labour camps. Reluctantly, they agreed and we decided to reschedule our Education on Wheels program from West Delhi to Dwarka Expressway from 29th September 2015. Since then, our bus has been visiting the sites to teach these children.

Help us in changing the lives of these children.


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